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Green Gorilla Advanced Spray Systems have been designed for professional use. When designing the system we focused on producing a tank that would allow professionals to focus on spraying, rather than being side tracked with manual pumping. The auto-pressurised tank allows users to produce a steady stream that maximises the use of chemicals and produces an even spray.
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The Green Gorilla Advanced Spray System is easy to use and durable, making it perfect for those who wish to do it themselves. The auto-pressurised tank allows users to concentrate on the job at hand rather than having to pump the tank. The Easy-Twist Quick Connect makes it simple for amateurs to snap the power packs in between tanks without any fear of contamination.
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During the development stage we consulted with gardeners and agricultural experts to ensure we produced a premium product that worked well in agricultural areas. The Green Gorilla Advanced Spray System is the perfect tool for those living on large properties as it is easy to use, fast and efficient. With the auto-pressurised tank, you can spray your whole property in no time without having to manually pump.
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We have designed a range of accessories and additions that allows you to customise your Green Gorilla Advanced Spray System to suit your individual needs and requirements. No matter what the project is our accessories will allow you to make your tank equipped for the job. Accessories include 3 foot wands, shoulder straps, power pack car chargers and much more.
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